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The fastest roguelite ever (with cookies)

Help strange creature,called Nipo, eat cookies and reach the top of the infinite Terraforming Tower.

The game is rogue-lite with the shrinking world, where you need to move through the floors of the strange Terraforming Tower,  playing as creature, called Nipo, that really likes cookies! So you need to eat as many cookies as you can on the way!
On each floor, you need to collect at least one cookie, then go to the lift and move to the next floor.

Welcome to the fastest rogue-lite!

This is the game from LD42, but only here I'll publish regular updates, adding new features and fixing bugs


  • W, A, S, D to move


P.S. You can also follow me on Twitter, I publish some news about the project there, too 



Terraforming Cookie Tower v0.45.zip 14 MB

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the rooms shrink a bit too fast

Thank you for the feedback! I'll fix it in the next big update.